The Dynamics of Awareness with Sama Fabian

19 June 2016,  2-5:30pm   £48  
YogaPoint 122 Dalberg Rd SW2 1AP


This is an invitation to further explore the energy body with an integrated Yoga

practice. We move from stillness into subtle pranayama that increases

delicately in intensity and power. We tap into our vital resources and dissolve

resistance to the pranic flow. The asana practice emphasises grounding,

rhythm and spiral motion in tune with the fascia lines and integrates all spinal

movements. The practice includes a full spectrum of inversions with or

without support. Yoga Nidra and a finishing mudra conclude the afternoon.


'Sama's passion imbibes the heart with a gentle distillation of timeless wisdom. The resonance of her words ignites the deepest visceral sensing and knowing intelligence. She carries a scholarly humility and radiates the brilliance of a true mentor. A gift of our time.'


- Kathryn Varley Yoga,
Elder iRest Meditation Teacher


Each person will be supported to work at their own level, be it mild, intermediate or
advanced. Alternatives will be offered to increase stability, flexibility, vital power.
Suitable for all practitioners of any style of Yoga. Not suitable for beginners.



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